Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Men's Rebuttal

"Aeneas will wage a long, costly war in Italy, crush defiant tribes and build high city walls for his people there and found the rule of law. Only three summers will see him govern Latium, three winters pass in barracks after the Latins have been broken. But his son Ascanius, now that he gains the name of Iulus-Ilus he was, while Ilium ruled on high-will fill out with his own reign thirty sovereign years, a giant cycle of months revolving round and roung, transferring his rule from its old Lavinian home to raise up Alba Longa's might ramparts.

There, in turn, for a full three hundred years the dynasty of Hector will hold sway till Ilia, a royal priestess great with the brood of Mars, will bear the god twin sons. Then one, Romulus, reveling in the tawny pelt of a wolf that nursed him, will inherit the line and build the walls of Mars and after his own name, call his people Romans. On them I set no limits, space or time: I have granted them power, empire without end. Even furious Juno, now plaguing the land and sea and sky with terror: she will mend her ways and hold dear with me these Romans, lords of the earth, the race arrayed in togas.

This is my pleasure, my decree. Indeed, an age will come, as the long years slip by, when Assaracus' royal house will quell Achilles' homeland, brilliant Mycenae too, and enslave their people, rule defeated Argos. From that noble blood will arise a Trojan Caesar, his empire bound by the Ocean, his glory by the stars: Julius, a name passed down from Iulus, his great forebear."

The Aeneid -

I quote this passage to give you the pattern men should follow. As evidence to refute the lace laden men that prance around in books like Pride & Prejudice I give you men like Romulus and Remus, nursed by wolves, going about in wolves pelts, and founding great empires like Rome. This is all that is man. And come on ladies, deep down, you want this man.