Monday, December 26, 2005

Boo Bah

I was watching TV earlier today when I came across a children's show called Boo Bah. It had to be the scariest thing I have ever seen. I don't know if any of you have seen this show before but if you come across it DON'T WATCH!!! The Boo Bahs look like colored cotton balls with heads poking out that skip around. I guess they are aliens or something because they travel on a rainbow and live in pod type things. I don't know what kids see in this show because I'm pretty sure when I was five it would have scared me to death. It looks more like a bad LSD trip. I talked with my dad and my brother and we decided that the Boo Bahs were evil and are trying to brainwash little kids. I'm serious don't watch Boo Bah, it will scar you for life.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Yes, I know we are only about 5 min into but it still counts. Well sweet dreams, go to sleep before Santa comes.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

1 Hour and 15 Minutes Till Christmas!!!!


6 Days Till the Grace Chapel Meeting!

Till then.... May your feet always be towards the fire, and friends on either side.

1 Day Till Christmas - (aka) Christmas Eve


And just finished reading Prince Caspian of the Chronicles of Narnia and am completely depressed with the ending.....

I mean...(and for those of you who have read them you will know what I"m talking about)

They CAN'T COME BACK?!?!?!?! How sad was I when I read that! I looked a lot like this :-(

Friday, December 23, 2005

3 Days Till Christmas

And 8 Days till the Grace Chapel Meeting

Ok...So I heard that some of yall were having a little error message pop up when you tried to view my blog through Internet Explorer. Well...I have got it fixed and I changed the template while I was at it so thats why there's all this black you are seeing. So hope it works...and hope yall will come back and comment.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

My Name

Yes I think that the only reason Elyow'eynay thinks the name is funny is because he came up with it but it does have a story behind it. See, my nickname is Bird(don't ask why) and I am currently a Student Athletic Trainer for good ole' Corner High. So he combined the two and came up with BirdTrainer. There you have it, I do not own a pet parakeet as some of you may have thought.

My Stats!

I just got my stats counter set up SO! All of you get on here and blog to your hearts content so I can see you do it and increase my stats! Lets Do this!

4 Days Until Christmas

And 9 Days Till Grace Chapel Meeting

And can we get a big round of applause for my sister who has just joined the bloggin' arena.

If you are confused about her name, you will have to let her explain it. I think it is hee-haw hilarious but maybe thats because I created it...

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I am Elyow'eynay younger sister who will be contributing to his nursing page although I am not in fact a nurse or plan to become one (they have to do some pretty sick stuff). Anyway I have been "tagged" by Marjoniqua.

Seven Things: do before I die

-Go on a tour of Europe
-Snow ski
-Climb to the top of the tree at my Aunt's house
-Drink a whole gallon of milk at once
-Make the biggest cupcake in the world
-Sky dive
-Become a good Christian

...I cannot do

-Eat a tomato
-Come within five feet of a spider cricket
-Drink buttermilk
-Read Lord of the Rings
-Find a use for Geometry
-Watch The Dukes of Hazard
-Go to bed before 12:00

...Things that attracted me to my spouse ( if i had one)

-Being able to talk to him about anything
-We share the same interests
-We have the same morals and beliefs
-He is very polite and courteous
-My family likes him
-He is handsome
-He has his priorties straight

...Things I say most often

-Hey Buddie
-PopeYes(inside joke)
-Hows that go again?
-Are you serious?
-Do I have to?
-Pretty sure

...Books I love

-King James Bible
-The Tragedy of Julius Caesar
-Sherlock Holmes
-The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
-The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
-The Hiding Place
-The Glass Menagerie

...Movies I could watch over and over

-Star Wars 3, 4, 5, and 6
-It's a Wonderful Life
-Finding Neverland
-Charlie and the Chocolate Factory(the original)
-White Christmas
-Princess Bride
-Almost any musical

...People I want to tag

-I'm pretty sure I'm the last one but if anyone isn't then here's your invitation

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


5 Days Till Christmas

10 Days Till Grace Chapel

Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Chronicles of Narnia

Oh me Oh my!

I LOVED this movie. Loved it.
I was so pleased at how they made it and held very true to the book.
Not much was added and really the only thing taken away that aggrivated me the most was Aslan's mane. I just didn't think it met the mark of radiant and shining as the sun like the book described it.

Overall I give the movie a 10. It was awesome, the symbolism was awesome and it was just overall, good. (ha! you thought i was going to say awesome didn't ya!?!)

It was a lot of fun comany I was with too, since it was the group of Sons and Daughters of Zion. Including one outsider from the Church on the Hills. He was well accepted amongst the group though.
So the night has come to an end, church is in the morning and I must retire to my comfort foam lined bed and rest in sweet bliss.

The Circle

May the circle...
Be unbroken....

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Goodbye Cruel World!

I call a Time-Out in life just for the next 4 days until Thursday night when I am done with finals.

So until then......

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Random Bit of a Poem

A Random bit of poetry written in the wee hours of the morning at a time when the brain functions less rationaly and more from the spirit and heart:

" Can a person not love whatever they want?
They say that Love is Blind.
But can't even a Blind Man love something he's never seen?
Or a Deaf Man love a concerto that he's never heard,
Yet he has felt the invisible vibrations of the notes
And each one moved the very chords of his heart.

Can a person not love.....
Is Love bound?
Not by the strongest chains.
Yet if you turn your back on this thing called "Love"
Then it is lost in the Labrynth of the Heart.

Can a person Not love?



I have apparantly been "tagged" by my good brother Ludwig....

So I will indulge the tom-foolery and give you my list..
Forgive me though I am tired, brain dead and am doing this as a break from studying

Seven Things: do before I die:

- Kiss my true love (i get sentimental when I am up late)
- go a whole week without caffenated beverages
- go to Harmony Hill (Holla!)
- go to Texas to get me some Justin boots
- stand on my head, drink and coke while eating pop rocks
- travel to Europe, especially Ireland my motherland
- act worthy enough to be called a Christian

..I cannot do:

- watch the 5 hour Pride & Prejudice
- drink orange juice with pulp
- let a spider crawl on me
- keep my opinions to myself in times most needed to (ha ha ha)
- wake up early in the morning to study before a class
- stop being so charming, witty, and over all good looking (ha....ha.....ha just a bit of silliness)
- drink water out of a glass that recently had milk in it

..that attracted me to my spouse:

- her unique personality
- the little things that she does and only i know about
- the looks she can give that let me know exactly how she is thinking at any time
- her smile
- the fact that she can put up with my brief episodes of egocentrism and selfishness
- the ability to take my mind of whatever cares I have witha hug
- the little world that we share together that no one else is a part of
(I told you I get reeeeally mushy gushy when I am clinically brain dead from get a tissue if you need one)

..things I say most often:

- Oh my gosh!
- That scared the bajesus out of me
- Wicked awesome!
- Cool Stuff
- Awesome
- Super-cala-fraja-listic-expeala-docious
- Pansy books I have:

- books? what are those?
- King James Bible (Not a King James Version)
- Sherlock Holmes compilation
- Many a shakespeare plays
- Tartuffe by Moliere (another play)
- Princess Bride
- Boy Meets Girl
- Davis' Drug Guide for Nurses (that ones a good read....blah)

..movies I could watch over and over:

- Singing in the Rain
- Oliver the musical (which i am watching right now...2nd fav!)
- Star Wars 3, 4, 5, 6
- Batman Beginning
- My Fair Lady
- The Lion King
- Top Gun

..people I want to tag:

- Table of Stone
- Owl of the Desert

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Pictures, pictures and More Pictures!

Week of Thanks

Lots has happened in this past Thanksgiving week. A church meeting, Thanksgiving of course, and a annual "Fall Festival" that we have with the church. Just the church and who ever else they invite going out to the homestead of Charles G. and Hazel Kitchens to have a afternoon and night of watching the sun set from the top of a hill so named "Sunset Hill." Then back to the house for a campfire hotdog roast and stuffing yourself with smores and snacks. This year envolved a very fun game of hide and go seek which I think rivaled a game of man hunt at a military institute. I'll stand us up against West Pointe anyday! So many thanks for the week and for all the brothas' and sistas' in Christ that I have been blessed with.

Monday, November 21, 2005


These pics are actually from when me and a bunch of guys went down to Mississippi to Elder Lonnie Mozingo Sr. house to help clean up some of the hurricane debris that had blown in on there....bunches and bunches of trees. But these are some pics that we took around the area.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Great Weekend

Hoorah for the weekend! It was so awesome! All of our good memphis friends came from the Chapel of Grace to enjoy a very blessed younger preacher. Elder Joe Nettles was very blessed this weekend and preached on many subjects that we need to take into account in our daily lives. (Tapes can be produced on demand...if demanded)

I needed to finish of this disposable camera I have so I took a couple of pics from the weekend on this one and have another that i will finish up and get more pics from this weekend on there but here are the ones I have!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hot & Smoooooooth.....

This is the account of another hilarious encounter with our beloved Muslim brother Islamabad Hasapini-Muhammad who sad to say is still professing the 5 pillars of Islam.

We being the Wednesday Night Bible Study group of Sons and Daughters of Zion went to a BRAND SPANKIN' NEW coffee joint that had opened up in Jasper. Which is a HUGE deal because there hasn't been one there yet! And college kids coming back from their coffee-drunk towns look for that gourmet fix when they come back home. But Jasper was lacking a haven for the black-death addicted fellows. Until, a fellow graduate of Owl of the Desert's opened one. First he STOLE our idea becasue for a while me, Owl of the Desert, Table of Stone and I think Towapha was envolved on this idea too. But we were planning on opening a cool little coffee shop and we would call it "Mug Shots". Well #1 this guy beat us out of our idea and second when discovering that he opened one we also discovered that "Mug Shots" was a huge name and a chain. FATE YOU CRUEL WITCH!

Anyway, to the point of the story. We were on our way and when we pulled up to the coffee shope' (i spelled it french just for kicks) the name of it was Hot & Smooth and Izzy with all of his wit said "Man, they should have just named it the Lee cafe." And we all laughed because..that was good. Oh if you havn't figured out who Izzy is you just got his first the math.

So anywho, that was that. So from hence forth I say we call the new coffe shop Izzy Cafe. Or Lee Cafe if you want to use his REAL name.

Adios Muchachos

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Singing In The Rain

Ok, so it is finally raining after a drought here in alabama. And it just put me in the mood to watch the movie Singing In The Rain while I study. I absolutely love this movie. It's very very funny. And there is so much sarcasm in it. (hmm...maybe thats why i like it so much?) Anyway, just wanted to let you know that. Hope you like it just as much as me...and if you dont' well you dont count anyway. So to all my crazy friends who like to jump in mud puddles and swing on lamp posts in the rain.....Goodnight and keep tap dancing.

Just a Reminder

Just to remind you can go ahead and make your travel arrangements.

Zion Rest PBC will be having their annivesary meeting in 5 days. This coming up saturday. 10:30 am. Bro. Joe Nettles will be there. Don't know who he is? Come and hear him.

And if you want to know what happens to people when they miss a church meeting you can just ask Queen Lynn. Oh and by the way Queen, the rule dosn't exclude you just becuase your father isn't preaching at it.
And how is that bribery of your father to come preach at our april meeting coming?

Sunday, November 13, 2005

End Of The World

As some of you might know..... The worst thing of the year has happened. Alabama lost to LSU last night.
I know...i will give you a moment................................................

I am just as upset as you are....
But as I sat there..and watched the catch that ended the game and any hopes Alabama had of a perfect season I stood in disbelief.."This couldn't have happend. He didnt' just catch that. Come on....where's the flag. This isn't real." And I felt that at any time they would say..JUST KIDDING! And replay the down. But no...none of that happened. Not even the flag..which I wasn't realistically thinking would ever happen because we hadn't had a flag for us since the first quater. So I left...very quiet. With my head hung low....feeling completely let down and not even caring about the upcoming Alabama and Auburn game. As I walked down the lonely road to the tailgate sight I slowly reached into my pocket...pulled out the ticket stub for the game..and slowly tore it in half and dropped it to the ground......and with it...fell the broken piece of my heart........

So here's to all my Alabama fans.....A big E-Hug and a virtual shoulder to cry on. Tomorrows another day.

Loco at El Perico's Part: Deux

So another installment of Loco at El Pericos.

Tonight all the sons and daughters of Zion met out at Perico's again for some more....Autentico' Mexican food. We got to talking about all the goofy pick up lines that guys will use. Of course I don't think that they actually use these...I just think these are cheezy lines that people come up with to say "Man how horrible would it be if some guy used these."

Such lines as:

1. You look like my next date.

2. Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven.

3. Are you tired? Because you have been running through my mind all day.

4. Hey I have a math problem for you. You plus Me equals Destiny.

All of these are cheezy, corny, goofy lines that could be used in the worst (and I am speaking pretty much to the girls) pick-up situation of your LIFE!

But they are funny.....

So post your own if you have any....

And until next time, at Loco at El Perico's.....

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Life of a Computer Geek

Today, after spending another half day on the computer playing video games I thought about the horrible words associated with people who play computer all day.
Computer Geeks, Nerds, Chip Heads, GigaByte GigaNerd....the list goes on and on...and it could because I just made all those up and could make up more.

Now I know that, as some say, I should be doing something outside. Playing, building something, enjoying the beautiful sun that we've had the past days. But how could you pass judgement on me! I am spending all my time trying to keep the Galactic Empire from taking over the GALAXY!! Or preventing an onslought of alien invasion. WHILE I AM HERE PROTECTING THE UNIVERSE AND EARTH FROM THE PERILS OF A THOUSAND DIFFERENT SCENARIOS are the grass

Just remember this ....the next time you look up and see something in the night sky that looks just a little could be a transport ship for a million Imperial invaders......and then won't you want someone like ME to defend you.....

Think about it.........and then call your "computer geek"

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Word Verification

Ok ok.....

So i know this is like 2 posts in like 10 mins. But just came across this scenario and found it funny and wondered if you were the same way.

So this word verification thing they make you do everytime you post so that you evade spammers is pretty interesting...BUT how many of you are like me and sometimes even YOU the non-computer animated spammer can't figure out what the letters are!

I spent like 3 or 4 times trying to post something on Ludwig's blog and it kept getting it wrong....I MEAN COME ON!!!

Fun For The Weekend

This weekend we had a 25th Anniversary party for Bro Charles and Sis Doris. It was a really fun time to get together with a bunch of friends and eat some fancy food and drink some really awesome punch. MAN AT THE PUNCH! I nearly got sick i drank so much. The picture of the three guys..which is (from left to right) Me, The Kitchens' Cousin Carl, and Stephen Rogers as some of you may know...but we were all riding in the back of Owl of the Desert's little car. It was quite comical because of how the biggest man got stuck in the middle, which is quite contrary to what the normal layout of the backseat is.

Anyway, funny pictures need a place on the blog so here it is!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

My Heart

Trying to get a speech done and have Joel Olsteen on the T.V. becuase there is nothign else really on and becuase he does make some good points every now and then in his tailored suit and his mega-church.

Anyway, he reminded me of a verse that i love and treasure

Psalm 19:14 "Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strenght and my redeemer."

A lot of the time people will leave off the last part "My strength and my redeemer."

But that is the best part! So say it to yourselves again and then give it a good ol' Southern-Bapticostal Evangelical Episco-Presbiopian Amen!

Zion Rest's Anniversary Meeting

Just A Reminder:

I know all of yall were coming and had it marked on your caledar but just a little reminder,
Zion Rest PBC is having their Anniversary Meeting in 2 weeks.
Thats the weekend before thanksgiving, or
November 18, 19, 20th. We arn't having service on Friday night, it will start Saturday morning and afternoon.
It's going to be a lot of fun! So come on and bring a friend.

Call if you have any questions. And you can find out directions from our webpage which is a link on the blog.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Some Studdly men from Singing School- Harmony Highlands 2005 Posted by Picasa

Picture of some of my closest friends Posted by Picasa

Once in a lifetime..ME IN AN AUBURN SHIRT! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I wanna play!

I'm going to participate in this game that I viewed on ThePromises' blog.

Top 10 things Adam Needs:

1. Adam needs a lot more help than all of us could ever give him!

2. Adam needs help before he snaps!

3. Adam needs very firm rules, expectations, limits, and consequences.

4. Adam needs a Eve. (HAHA! i found this one very funny.)

5. Adam needs an adoptive family who can provide structure, set very firm limits, and remain positive.

6. Adam needs someone to put their arm around him and steer him out of a bit of a rut

7. Adam needs help wiping, and stays on the potty until one of us helps him. (My number 1.)

8. And God said, "Maybe what Adam needs is a pet."

9. Adam needs some money.

10. Adam needs a facilty to build its new A700 Twin jet plane that it intends to bring to the market by late 2004.

And there you have it.

Loco at El Perico's

Sunday night, as usual, the Sons and Daughters of Zion departed after the Sunday night service and met at Perico's Mexican Restaraunt for their enjoyment of "Authentic Mexican Food".
As usual when we join together in revilry you can expect some sillyness.

Upon hearing that one of the Sons of Zion, Hans Deter, was "converting to Islam" we decided that he would need a new name since Hans Deter was his Christian name.

Hence the dubbing of Islamabad Hasapini-Muhammad

So from now till his posible but unlikely return to Christianity, since he is such a devout Muslim, Hans Deter will now be refered to as Islamabad Hasapini-Muhammad
But since the name Islamabad Hasapini-Muhammad has a lot of letters in it and probable carple tunnel syndrome will occur if we type it repetitively his shortened name is "Izzy"

So here's to you Izzy and blessed success in your adventure as a Redneck Muslim

Till the next time on "Loco at El Perico's"...

Star Wars Episode III

Oh for you that have been living under a rock for the last 6 months the greatest Star Wars came out today, November 1st 2005. Star Wars Episode III.

Now you can own the exciting and dramatic conclusion of the Star Wars "Six-ogy" for the low price of $19.99! I assure you it is a bargain.

I love this movie. Did everyone hear me? I LOVE THIS MOVIE!
Which brings me to the next order of buisness. From hence forth I shall be called
"Darth Elyow'eynay"

From the intense battles to the very heartbreaking destruction of the Jedi order.....I nearly cry everytime.
And I will probably watch it 6 times tonight before I get to bed.

And I recommend a group viewing of the movie between the "Sons and Daughters of Zion" and the "Children of the House set on the Hills"
If you can decipher those names you are a great and wise individual.

Maybe sometime over Thanksgiving break we can get together and do that.

Long live the Galactic Empire!

May the force be with you,
Darth Elyow'eynay

Monday, October 31, 2005

New Look

Ok after many comments, and my own acceptance that my blog is boring and becoming more and more useless I decided to overhaul and change. Which is a stretch since I am a Primitive baptist.

So this is the new blog. A place to fill the internet with all of my useless banter and semi-interesting stories.


Sunday, May 29, 2005


Greetings. Seeing this is my first post I thought I should introduce. My name is Adam but the name that I have chosen is Elyow'eynay. Which is Hebrew for "Towards Jehovah are my eyes." Which is my ambition, or "vision." Maybe its yours too. Anyway, hope to whomever this may concern, you enjoy these posts and they invoke some kind of thought.

As an introduction I would like to post the words to a newly favorite song:

Its called Tender Care

When all thy mercies, O my God, my rising soul surveys,
Transported with the view, i'm lost in wonder, love and praise.
Unnumbered comforts on my soul, Thy tender care bestowed,
Before my infant heart conceived from whom those comforts flowed.

When in the slipp'ry paths of youth, with heedless steps I ran
Thine arm, unseen, conveyed me safe, and led me up to man.
Ten thousand thousand precious gifts, my daily thanks employ;
Nor is the least a cheerful heart, that tastes those gifts with joy.

Thru every period of my life, thy goodness I'll pursue;
And, after death, in distant worlds the pleasing theme renew.
In all eternity to Thee a grateful song I'll raise;
But O! eternity's too short to utter all Thy praise!