Monday, February 27, 2006

When PB's Go Wild!!!!

Yeah...thats right....When PB's Go WiLd!!!!
Myself, Table of Stone, Towapha, and The Jolly PB Giant all road tripped it down to Orlando this weekend for the Flordia Fellowship Meeting. It was AWESOME!
So here are a few pictures for your enjoyment!

And I thought I would throw this picture in there just in case yall were thinking that all we did was play and never went to church. Here is hard core evidence of us at Winter Garden PBC's new church building (which is very snazzy by the way)

On Cocoa Beach at about 12:30 Am. Thought we would go for a little beach trip after the awesome saturday night service.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Don't Panic!

Interesting title huh?
Good one though. I use it because I am watching "The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy" for the second time. It's pretty hilarious. It's very british which gives it that extra kick of comedy. (British accents seem to do that.) Anyway, I use the phrase Don't Panic becuase it is one of the first reason why the Hitchiker's Guide became a best seller (in the movies world) because it had that printed in large print on the back.

And hopefully, with the assistance of the Improbability Drive, I will be able to get like 20 comments on this movie/book.

Come on people, watch the movie, or read the book which is what I am going to, with a little assitance from Laura, my personal librarian.

Peace out, and Don't Forget Your Towel!

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Adam KO's Brian. I know you can't
see him very well but that really is
him I promise.

And in the blue corner The Pride of
Pericos...Natalia!!!(yea I know that was corny
but I couldn't think of a better Spanish name)

Monday, February 13, 2006

The Little Engine that Could

Oh yes.....I went mud riding.

In my super, duper, Ford Ranger.

Think it couldn't handle it?

But it did....And I only got stuck twice. One was not my fault.

It was sooo much fun. Me, Reya, Islamabad, the Jolly PB Giant, Islamabad's little brother, and Cal-el little brother (both of whom I need to come up with names for) we all went out muddin' and shooting potato guns...which are very VERY fun.

Good to get out and play every now and then.

Saturday, February 11, 2006


Trying to catch a
snowflake on my
tongue... five minutes later
it stops snowing. Stupid
Alabama weather.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

An Ode to my Shoes

"My shoes! My SHOES!
What Glorious shoes!
Their style,
Their flair,
I could wear them ANYWHERE!"

"I know that you're jealous.
It's's true.
But never fret, for you can have a pair too!

Oh what an idea! Would you like to try them?
It's ok, I am happy to share.
Go right ahead...slip them on.
No, that's right, no strings to tie.
Just slip them on, you're ready to go.

So start witht he left foot,
The right if you choose.
Put on the next one, that's how this goes.
Now, you're ready to go!
Stand up, give them a try!
Wiggle your toes, rock on your soles.
Don't they feel great!?!
Now take a step to and fro.

Can you feel as you walk,
As light as a feather.
Go down the hall, and up those stairs.
Amazing! Arn't THEY!?!
They almost massage your feet.
They surround your feet, yet you have room to breath!

Wait....what's this?

How DARE YOU! How dare you SCUFF MY SHOES!
I'll smash you, I'll bash you...I'LL SCUFF YOU!

Oh my shoes, my shoes, did he hurt you?
Don't worry he's gone. He's scurried away.
I'll take care of you, I'll polish your wounds,
In no time flat, you'll be good as new.
I love you my shoes, we never will part.
Good night my shoes,
Oh wait.....Are you afraid of the dark?

Monday, February 06, 2006

Look What I can do!

So I have a problem...
Everytime I go to Wal-Mart I want to buy these little felt
pictures that are black and white and you color all the white
with markers... And they are in these cool designs
and they come in almost anything.

I have a problem...and admitting it is the biggest step

But look how cool these are! I colored all of these....

And I threw this blurry pic in because...Look at how long my
hair was!!! Crazy huh?

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Sticky Day

Ok so at school I am pretty much a pack mule. I have my back pack, my softball bag, my clothes bag, and a hoody. Well I usually put my softball bag in my Aunt Betty's room, who is also a teacher at school, and leave it there until 4th block athletics. Well yesterday was my friend Katie's birthday so I brought chips and a coke to celebrate. I put my stuff in Aunt Betty's room as usual, along with the chips and coke, not knowing that the guy who was substituting for her would leave early and lock my stuff in the room. Well he did, and when I went to get my things out after 3rd block I found the door locked and the lights off. The custodian had to come and let me in the room which made me late to athletics. I was actually glad that I was late because I wouldn't want people to see the embarrassing thing that was about to happen. See I have to cross the street and parking lot to get to the gym from school for athletics which is rather difficult with all my bags plus the refreshments that I had today. So I'm going through the parking lot and the coke slips out of the bag and hits the concrete which made a hole in the bottle. The coke starts spinning in circles and spewing coke everywhere. Imagine one of those fireworks that spin around and shoot off sparks except with coke. I didn't know what to do! Finally the bottle stopped spinning leaving me wet and sticky. I vote that the bottling companies put a bigger warning on the bottles to warn people of experiences like this. Seriously, it's dangerous.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Early in the morning, must be time for poetry

Don't know if this classifies as actual poetry or just a random collection of thoughts, you decide.

"Held in the eternity of a Minute"

- I stand at the timeclock.
"One more minute till I can leave."
We all stand for what seems like hours
as this one minute passes.
Held in the eternity of one minute.

- A boy stares at the girl he loves.
The girl he would give his life for.
They lean in together for the first kiss.
A kiss that would last only "a minute."
Yet to him it never ended.
Held forever in the eternity of one minute.

- One minute you are talking to your best friend.
The next minute he is taken from you,
and all your memories with him throughout both
your lives is captured in that one minute.
The eternity of that one minute.

- As you lay on your bed of death,
Surrounded by all the friends, and family
that have made up many minutes of your life.
You close your eyes, and pass
In "just a minute"
and awake,
In and Eternity of Minutes.