Thursday, July 05, 2007

Warning: Likely to Anger

So this was one of the stories on the front page of the Birmingham News today,
"Animal chaplain prays, anoints, gives last rites". Yes, it is exactly what you are thinking. There is a pastor or actually several pastors who go around praying, anointing with oil, and giving last rites to...animals. Now I understand that some people are pet lovers but this is just too far. This man should be out helping God's people instead of praying for Fido. Here is a quote from the article, "... a Homewood-based chaplain who speacializes in caring for the spiritual needs of animals." What spiritual needs does an animal need?? I would really love for someone to explain that to me. But the real kicker is this one. This is straight from the "pastor's" mouth, "The greatest teachers of God's love are animals. It's the closest we can come to God's unconditonal love." Yes, I feel much closer to God when I am spending time with my rat terrior than when I am listening to His word or in fellowship with God's people. The man went on to explain how there just have to be animals in heaven and other ridiculous assumptions that would make me too angry to go back and read. I thought I would just share this with everyone to let them know how blessed we are to not be complete idiots as is half of our poplulation.