Sunday, November 15, 2009

For the Beehive

The Reason

What's a rainbow but a trick of light?
What's a sunset but the natural ending of a day?
Has it not been so since days meaning to time,
But for who?
But for man.

A sunset should mean only what its set to be,
So why has a sunset brought new meaning to me?
Why have sunsets began to warm my soul?
Natural heat surpassed by some Other glow.
Why have rainbows begun to trick light in me?
Light that is blind from the world's eye,
But bright,
Too bright to see.

The world itself has changed all anew.
It pulses with music unheard by some.
But heard by me.
It started its tune what seem like years ago,
Of course its probably always been there....
I just lacked the method to hear its melodies played.
Now the instrument of my soul tuned to its perfect key
The sounds bring new meaning to everything.
The sunset, the rainbow,
The valley, the stream,
The flower,
The girl.......ah...the girl.
The key to why this whole machination began.


Lynn B. said...
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Lynn B. said...

Hey you! Very well done. Thanks for coming to the ceilidh! Hug the girl for me!

Dani said...

Now, that is beautiful poetry.