Thursday, March 10, 2011

Once Every Hundred Years

So I have made it a point to only post on my blog at least once every hundred years....or at least 2 years. I do find it funny that the blog has become sort of second fiddle since Facebook allows instant knowledge of everything that is happening in your life. Since getting married always opens the door to new blogging possibilities maybe my wife or I will be able to contribute more. I sure that whenever little Kinsauls come along this baby will be all filled with activity. Until then may I find interesting things to spark new life into this old piece of work. First will have to be a new name....any suggestions?

1 comment:

Dani said...

2 am perfectly describes just married and sitting up talking all night, I would also note, that it even more perfectly describes little Kinsauls that don't believe in sleep.

However, I totally get the renaming thing. We renamed the blog when we got married, and we might have when we had kids. I don't remember, that happens post kids.

Good luck on coming up with a name.