Friday, March 25, 2011

Insanity: Week 1

I am rounding out the first week of Insanity workout. It's pretty awesome. I'm glad I decided to try this again. I feel a lot better. Now don't get me wrong these workouts are absolutely crazy....or maybe insane you might say. But I can definitely feel results. Sunday is technically supposed to be my 'rest day' but today because the de facto rest day as I was unable to work out. So we are getting done with this week, and will start again next week.

Keep digging.

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Owl of the Desert said...

Wow. You are posting again. Good job. I started working out again this week, too. Between running AND yoga on Monday, I could barely walk. But I feel better. Or maybe it was drinking water all week that really made me feel better. Either way, I'm trying to be healthier.